Achieve financial quality and integrity for your business with a customized accounting procedures manual.

To ensure quality control and establish expectations from the outset of the bookkeeping experience, we meet with our clients, analyze their bookkeeping data, and develop a detailed procedures manual, specific to their needs.

We feel quality bookkeeping goes hand-in-hand with quality management of all your financial records. A procedures manual, outlining accounting policies and financial protocols, establishes strong guidelines which will improve the integrity of your finances and reduce the likelihood your company will fall victim to business fraud.

Our account procedures manuals follow a basic outline, as shown below, and will be customized to your business.

Accounting Procedures Manual Outline

 Section 1.
Recurring accounts payable transactions, including anticipated amount, due date, method of payment and responsible party:

    • Payroll
    • Rent
    • Sales Tax
    • Utilities
    • Vendor Services
    • Tax Escrow
    • Royalties

Section 2.
Recurring accounts receivable, billing cycle, method of billing

 Section 3.
Account Reconciliation

 Section 4.
Custom Report Management, Collections Procedures

Section 5.
List of authorized users and QuickBooks access

 Section 6.
Inventory Management, Purchase Orders

 Section 7.
Periodic procedures, closing the books, reports to external agents

Section 8.
Statement of Confidentiality